Issues Mothers May Face

God cannot do enough to speak out and show love for me. Ever calling me to a fuller and better life, a sharing in divine life. ~St. Ignatius of Loyola

Many go to a Spiritual Director and also go to a therapist, pastoral counselor.  By examining past decisions, situations and choices to see how they affect a mother’s life she can begin to see how God is calling her to achieve her best. Spiritual Direction can and does address spiritual-emotional issues like:

Exploring Life Situations
Celebrating Our Calling, Our Womanhood

Reconciling decisions, losses, regrets

•Prioritizing life callings
•Pregnancy concerns: post-abortive issues, miscarriage, infertility
•Creating connections with God and others

Vocation of Motherhood:

•Working woman: Apostle in the
•Woman’s cycles of Life: Celebration of womanhood
•Exploring our Baptismal roles: Priest, Prophet and Queen

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